your travel

Travel the world with Utopiic as our partners provide all our members with amazing deals on luxury stays, once in a lifetime tours, green transport and experiences reserved just for Utopiians!


your lifestyle

Find sustainable lifestyle brands, including fashion, food, fitness & home decor brands, from across the world that promise bespoke products and services but always with a green touch, making sure the environment isn't harmed in any way. All Utopiic members can avail amazing member benefits on all our brands.

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your passion

The Utopiic community brings to you a plethora of exciting workshops, webinars, podcasts, films and blogs from around the world. Also attend sustainable and magical events curated by Utopiic!



Whether it's dinner for two in Antarctica, Yoga in the Amazon or a purchase from your favourite brand that doesn't deliver to your continent, at your doorstep, Utopiic promises to make it happen and sustainably! Your 24x7 personal concierge will curate your travel  & lifestyle experiences to exceed your fantasies and do all the work as you sit back and enjoy.



your fantasy

Utopiic brings new sustainable possibilities in travel and experiences for all its members. From luxury tents in the landscape of your choosing to curated dinner dates with everything down to the napkin chosen especially for you, we make mirages come alive and disappear into the wind, leaving no traces, except memories, behind.