10 ways you could minimise your impact on the planet.

While everyone’s talking about carbon emission, wouldn’t you want to start offsetting it!? As opposed to rocket science, the science of offsetting your impact on the planet is pretty simple and straightforward. From supporting local businesses to switching to a vegetarian diet, going back to the cycle and supporting conscious brands, Utopiic suggests 10 workable ways to cut down on your carbon emissions.

1. First, let’s start from home. In 2020, we all run on gas and electricity. Check if your energy supplier follows renewable practices. Supporting sustainable business helps them produce cost-effective sustainable power, which in turns encourages people to use clean energy.

2. Think on switching to zero-meat! Out of the many ways one could reduce their carbon footprint, this one makes for a complete lifestyle change. Studies show that meat production emits large quantities of methane, which is one of the most powerful global warming gases. Where meat reduction will make the planet health, it has its own health benefits for you as well.

3. Utmost important is to check if your house is properly ventilated and insulated. Homes with poor air ventilation and insulation consume more energy. Nature can help solve the problem. Get your home properly insulated in order to use earth’s natural resources to work for you. While the natural circulation and temperature control gives you health benefits, it also allows you to cut down on your bills.

4. Get rid of your old energy appliance! Remember, the only way to reduce emission is to burn the fuel completely, which is something that our old appliances fail to do. Combustion they perform leaves residue in form of harmful gases. Invest in modern appliances with good energy-saving rating. This, not only save you money but also helps you do your bit in environment conservation. After all, what is the use of new inventions if people keep doing the same old mistakes.

5. Air travel only when you can’t avoid it! If the scenario comes, find the right partner to fly with. Utopiic, a lifestyle concierge promises to offset equal amounts of carbon caused by its members’ actions. Join Utopiic to know the difference.

6. Buy a cycle! In 2020, that is the fastest way forward. Else, we’re going back faster than ever! Earth holds the ticket to every mile you travel. The only free pass is on a cycle. You buy it today, you see it tomorrow, and very soon you take it out. It’s a slow process but worth experiencing. It is time we thought of cycle as a means of transport, again. It’s nature’s way, without money & fuel.

7. ‘More from minimum’ is the sustainable mantra of our times. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and add a tinge of luxury with Utopiic. In the Utopiic world, your luxury does not come at the cost of nature.

8. Owning your own source(s) of sustainable energy is a great idea. Solar Panels for instance is never a bad buy. The investment is one time and the returns are limitless. Wind and hydroelectric power plant are also effective and time-tested. Invest in nature, and you won’t have to wait to reap the benefits.

9. Shop only from sustainable brands, because the other ones won’t last for longer. Do not support businesses that are going against nature, especially in times when we’re running short of it.

10. Vote for green. You might not realise, but environment is the biggest concern for every country in the world today. The entire planet has only one atmosphere, and countries are realizing that we can’t act alone, at our own will. It’s a collective decision and we as its citizens must vote for green, for the right candidates who talk green, for the minds that understand its importance and for the laws which are to save it for the future.

Whatever you do, be aware of your actions because each one of them is affecting the environment. Butterfly effect is not a theory anymore, it’s real. Let’s not act alone. Let’s come together for the big switch.

We will put this down below as quick bullet points:

1. #StopPlastic. Start Reuse.

2. Use #energy & #water like they’re gold.

3. Consume #local fresh produce.

4. Embracing #natural household products.

5. Stop wearing fast fashion.

6. Stop use & throw.

7. Start #organic #composting.

8. #Reduce. #Reuse. #Recycle.

#sustainable #sustainablelifestyle #savetheplanet #utopiiclifestyle #sustainablebrands

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