Are you living a planet positive lifestyle?

We almost always aspire for a life full of experiences and abundance. What becomes of it, depends entirely on the lifestyle choices we make as we proceed. The relationships we invest in, the education we acquire, the jobs we take up and the passions we pursue, in all of the hustle we put ourself through we often forget that our lifestyle is not something inherent or a given, but it is us who’re creating it with constant work, every single day. The current fast-paced life rarely allows us any time for introspection and dedication towards our own self. We’re burning out faster than our ancestors, our goals take the form of ‘competition’ and we’re left with little or no time with ourselves to truly find our own calling.

Well, it’s not destiny. It is us who’re making choices between being passive or being the change. Interestingly, because change multiplies in many folds, so there’s nothing called a ‘small change.’ There’s change, followed by a big difference. Yet, the terms of living a positive lifestyle don’t start and end at ‘no drinking’ and ‘no smoking’ only. The memo consists of endless ways of living a life in a more wholesome and a holistic way through informed choices in every sphere of life.

A sustainable lifestyle comes at a very less cost but reaps enormous benefits in reduction of carbon footprint, amongst many other things. It assumes a minimal dependence on natural resources. Experts say that alternatives to meat consumption, fuel-based transportation such as organic farming, use of public transport go a long way in establishing a positive relationship with nature.

This commitment often scares a generation of commitment-phobic people as they assume that minimalism comes at a cost of luxury. That one would have to do away with their dream cars, their personal shoppers and their Sunday brunches, in order to live a meaningful life.

Utopiic is a lifestyle concierge that bridges the gap between the desire to go vegan and the desire to eat what one’s heart desires, in other words, it strikes a perfect balance. It incorporates fashion, wellness and food brands that are green in nature and a perfect amalgamation of luxury and authenticity.

It partners with food brands that have ‘no plastic’ tolerance policy and that rely on organic food farming and local production.

Fitness at Utopiic means being able to learn that art form you never imagined you’d learn, from the very natives spread all across the world. It makes physically and digitally connecting to veterans of their respective fields far easier than ever before. The thought provoking fitness services provide only those sports equipment that follow the UN sustainable guidelines.

Through Utopiic, even fashion comes with a social change. Natural fibres, rich designs and local artisans come together to give fashion a whole new meaning. As we bid goodbye to an entire history of leather and fur consumption, we must familiarise ourselves with some of the above mentioned new beginnings.

Utopiic is a choice that promises a life that is zero passive, more active than ever and one that sustains itself responsibly. Join Utopiic to connect with native communities that are alivea and prospering, the resorts that don’t accommodate carbon, brands that are ethical and natives that love to share.

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