Choose a lifestyle that’s Utopiic in every sense.

What all does one need to be happy!?

Success, the biggest invention of the 21st century, has proved to be less fulfilling than it promises to be. Money has done more harm to the planet than anything else we all agreed upon. So what is that you think could fill the void? Well, there’s one thing that has all the answers, the almighty nature. Something, that never fails to make us truly happy. But like anything we consume nowadays, we’ve managed to put a deadline on nature as well. In movies, 30 years from now looks like post-apocalyptic earth with no clear blue skies, and no green shades. In that future, grey and darker shades prevail. Even if it is in the imagination, it does make complete sense. We all well aware of our actions right!

Now there’s another way to imagine the future! The Utopiic way, in which luxury sustains itself and energy does not come from changing the planet’s pace. It’s by and for nature!

At Utopiic, we’ve tried to answer the age-old question in our own way. We believe in basic, in creating the most out of the minimum. Let us explore the 4 aspects of our lifestyles that make us the most happy.


If it doesn’t change your mood, if it doesn’t make you smile, if it doesn’t remind you of something pleasant, if it doesn’t fill your heart, it is not good food. It hasn’t come from hard work and it can’t be 100% organic. What better than the local and the fresh right! Utopiic connects you with local organic producers, which make your moments together special. Being a Utopiic members, you could locate your nearest sustainable restaurants, local famers and brands that produce the way nature meant it. Our Utopiic Positive Mark brands go through rigorous checks and only offer you the best and the fresh. As they rightly say, good food heals the soul.


At Utopiic, we shun Fast Fashion!

What we promote is ethical fashion that looks good, feels great and doesn’t harm the planet. With Utopiic, connect with local artisans that are still conserving their unique traditions and cultures with their respective art forms and buy only from sustainable fashion labels that work with natural fabrics and zero waste policy. If you’re a Utopiic member, you also get exclusive cash-backs from these brands. Together, we’re all going to benefit from a lifestyle change that is for the greater good.


“Travel is the biggest investment one can make!” Sounds true, for what it gives to us! Sounds a lie, when we only take and do not give back to nature. Where travel enriches our lives, it also takes away something from nature. Every step we take, leaves a mark on the planet! Unless we tread cautiously! For instance, if you travel with Utopiic the more you take from the planet, the more we give back to it on your behalf. Then more carbon you emit, the more trees we plant. The more energy you consume, the more sustainable choices you have with us. Connect with local sustainable communities from across the globe, feel the adrenaline of the unique adventures we’ve listed and experience nature and luxury at their best balance.


That is something we believe is the closest to happiness. But let’s first understand what wellness actually is. Is it Yoga? Or a Swedish massage? For some it is keeping fit, for many it’s learning a new dance form. There’s one way to know what wellness is to you. It is precisely the movements that make your heart pump happiness. With Utopiic, you could learn anything, from any native expert, from across the world, sitting right where you are, with just one click. At Utopiic, we’re ready when you are!

We bring to you what money can’t buy. The best of nature, the self-sustained communities, exclusive discounts and rare experiences. We bring to you something that will truly make you happy. Join now, and experience guilt-free luxury.

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