How we could avoid the 6th great extinction.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Science says there is only one way to avoid the inevitable 6th great extinction, to go back to nature! To stay put and let nature control the enormous damage we’ve already done. Scientists and activists still hope that the climate and ecological disasters (climate and ecological change is the thing of the past, now is the time for the climate and ecological disasters) can be managed by restoring nature to its old glory. To the expansive lush landscapes and its rich ecosystems.

Climate and ecological systems are breaking down simultaneously, and that too at a terrifying speed. If it wasn’t for our bad Karma, by now we would’ve started acting as if “the house is on fire.” Both these global issues do not get much attention from the maximum number of us, and the emergency actions they both demand are not in place.

We are all busy trying to save our resources, our homes, our political views, camaraderie, nationalities, lifestyles and what not, while far north an iceberg is acting like a ticking time bomb. We are all spiraling down our own extinction. Unless, we plant more and we use less!

All we have to do is put carbon where it belongs, beneath the ground. How do we do that? Simple, we plant more Stomatas into the atmosphere.

Thank goodness, the raw material we need to reverse the disaster is all around us. All we need to do is restore its strength. Reviving the forests, the wetlands, the mangroves, the corals, the salt marshes, the oceans and all our ecosystems, we could offset enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and bury it beneath the ground to bring back the balance. It’s time we understood that restoring the climate is restoring our own existence on this planet.

Till date, all of us acted freely and individually and look where it's gotten all of us. To the edge of a disaster! We always believe our individual actions do not count towards global warming and all natural disasters. Well we must start thinking again! And while the governments are planning for the next steps, and the bills still have to be passed, the corporates are going about their usual businesses and the ad films are constantly eager to sell you something, a jungle is being cut for a road, a construction site close to a forest is being sanctioned, a new Petrol car is being bought, a new and a powerful electric appliance is being launched. All we have to do as a consumer is to be careful, of checking weather the electric appliances saves energy, or if there’s a solar alternative to it, we have to be careful of voicing our opinions against all illegal and unethical actions which put our planet’s future in jeopardy, of buying only from sustainable brands, of buying from the brands which generate employment and enhance the lives of local natives, we have to choose the transport that is the most green and a lifestyle that does not harm the planet.

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