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There is one thing that every modern day #architecture promises, more than anything else, huge environmental damage. The skyscrapers, the #boutique #luxury houses, the luxury #hotels, all of these come at a huge cost to the atmosphere, for which the taxes can’t suffice.

The popular criteria to choose one space over the other is a better view, the #design, the amenities, the temperature control, the use of the space, and the colours, but rarely do we investigate if the house has solar water heaters installed, if it can perform rain water harvesting, or if the real estate has #sustainable waste disposal or even a proper ventilation system as opposed to air contitioning.

When you spend your lifelong savings to own a house, and the builder takes it upon himself to get it done in no time, it leads to rapid exhaustion of #natural resources, because the focus changes from doing it the right way, to doing it the fastest way possible, leaving little or no room for creativity or sustainability.

The effects of the real estate industry on the environment can be seen as early as the initial stages of cutting forest lands for building townships as well as in the later stages of #electricity and water supply chains the townships consume.

While undergoing deep thoughts of which architect or interior #designer one should go for, the choice usually depends on their fees and whether their design sensibilities match the owner. But what if we added another layer to this criteria of selection? It is almost an alien concept that there are architects who specialise in sustainable structures, but it is for real. Modern day design has become more responsible towards the environment than ever before and it has paved its way into the architecture and #interior spaces as well.

Utopiic’s mood board for real estate sustainability consists of energy saving fittings, brands that deal in functional furniture, global design outlets of locally produced items from all across the globe, and builders that use natural material for construction. With architects whose work centres around building healthy and safe spaces with optimum air circulation, one has the choice of building a luxurious yet sustainable home instead of one that gets merely depleted with time. Some more #green facilities provided are locally produced and procured raw materials, and brand sourcing from furniture and fitting brands that hold green values and keep sustainability as their core philosophy.

Utopiic’s brand partners focus on conscious elements such as rooftop solar panels, LED lighting, and many more technologies that focus on smart, responsible and informed real estate decisions that are sustainable in nature and go a long way in saving the environment.

Living in a sustainable house doesn’t mean living with limitations but instead, it gives rise to endless possibilities that may make human life possible for lightyears to come. Become a #Utopiic member and make a home that is native to the planet.

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