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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Global warming and carbon footprint are hardly the things of the future anymore. This is happening in 2020. In the last decade, extreme weather conditions have made us question the ‘giant leap’ we call the 21st century.

Across the planet, people are becoming more conscious in their day-to-day actions, and making mindful decisions so the future generations can breathe healthy air, drink fresh water and have a land that can produce green, at the very least.

Today sustainability is becoming a big question! The good thing is, self-sustainability is the answer!

Finally, people are able to see the effects of their actions on the planet. Now we clearly see what overproduction, overconsumption and excessive unmanaged waste actually costs us. People have started talking about it, but when it comes to following a lifestyle more than most back out, mostly because it sounds difficult, time-consuming & expensive. In reality, a sustainable lifestyle is easy, minimalistic and it saves money.

It’s a lifestyle of handpicked needs while consciously cutting down one’s own footprint. It is a lifestyle where natural resources are thoughtfully consumed and are then replenished so the future generations has a fresh crop.

Sustainable lifestyle is a daily practice of accomplishing the maximum, costing minimum to the planet. There are enough and more ways to adopt the mindful, guilt-free lifestyle. Remember, it’s not one change you’re making, it’s a constant every day strive for the better. No matter if the changes are big or small.

Utopiic, a digital lifestyle concierge, accounts for every small change that brings about a happy transformation. Utopiic Positive Mark accredits organisations, communities and businesses that share the belief of a sustainable lifestyle.

To become a Utopiic member is to join the Utopiic lifestyle. Clean, efficient and sustainable. In this lifestyle, all your needs are taken care of without harming the planet.

Utopiic offers an assortment of holistic, sustainable, exclusive lifestyle experiences, connecting with conscious brands and initiatives that believe in giving back to the planet. Be it luxury travel, fashion, food or wellness, Utopiic takes care of every single detail and need, and only brings to you the nature friendly.

A zero waste, self-sustaining lifestyle is an experience many wish to live. To be able to live in a zero-carbon setting, you don’t have to leave the finer tastes of life. Surprisingly, it’s the opposite! In Utopiic lifestyle, simplicity does not say less luxury, minimalism does not mean compromises, and off-grid doesn’t imply inefficiency.

You could be as extravagant as you are cautious. Become a member to experience what luxury really mean, as Utopiic only partners with select zero-emission, self-sustaining ones.

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