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Utopiic Positive Mark 


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What is the Utopiic Positive Mark?

Utopiic is a community of sustainable luxury brands. We recognise that each brand contributes to sustainable development in different ways. Sometimes it's not as simple as 'We are plastic free' and sometimes it is. So, we decided to let our members, and your consumers, know exactly what are your sustainable and ethical business conducts that makes you green.


The Utopiic Positive Mark validates the efforts of brands who strive to operate their business ethically and sustainably. Utopiic protocols, formed by a dedicated council in reference with the industry and environment experts & non-profit institutional organisations, acknowledge the various business practices and assign the certification based actions. While this encourages ethical business practices, it also enables consumers to make smart purchasing decisions. Our criteria and protocols are set as key agendas covering 12 sustainable development categories.

Moreover, each mark can be made interactive. An interactive mark is clickable and opens a drop down box showcasing the brands positive sustainable actions for the world to see!

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